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Comment by ArtII:          
April 1 2012

As it turns out, ‘science’ evolved out of religion and is a subset of it.

Even science is a system of beliefs which is constantly evolving.

Take any scientific formula in existence and upon closer examination, you will find exceptions when you extend the scope of application. Even F=ma loses it’s meaning as you approach the speed of light. Energy equals mass times the speed of light is coming under scrutiny in light of quantum mechanics.

Just because a system is useful doesn’t mean it is absolutely right – or wrong. Religion is quite right about things that science can not quantify … yet. In time, science .. or something like science as we know it today will succeed in quantifying ethics and morality into a more exact method as we come to understand ourselves better. But have no fear, the vastness of the universal and all it’s possibilities will never be exhausted.

Comment by Bud:          
April 2 2012

As mentioned, ‘talking is cheap’. Science is *not* a system of beliefs. Part of the scientific method includes ‘making assumptions’, which may me based on personal beliefs. However, those are not accepted as ‘scientific truth’ until passing all the necessary verification steps.

Finding exceptions in things has nothing to do with the origin and/or the correctness of the method. Quite the opposite, it points out the ability to stick to actual findings when these are available. (You may want to have a look at http://thetruthiswrong.com/indeed/media/book/chapter-06a-in-science-we-trust/ ).

Religion is not measured in ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ because it does not have a method of dealing with factual claims. When it comes to ‘values’ and ‘beliefs’, there is no right and wrong.

And finally, the fact that we don’t know everything, does not make the things we know wrong. It is just a cause for keeping on researching. Science research would cease if we knew all. The fact that we cannot know all, in fact, is an interesting scientific argument by itself.

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