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Comment by Buddy:          
June 5 2015

I found this looking for the thoughts of others regarding the “great flood” and immediately found myself fascinated by things you’ve written at this site. Is the whole “thetruthiswrong” site yours, are you one of many contributors, or are you only a commenter?

I wanted to comment on this particular entry because I’ve been thinking a lot today about something my nephew told me months ago from his relatively new (to him) “reformed baptist” beliefs, that allows our lives/actions to be both predetermined and of free will simultaneously: we will all only ever choose what we truly desire the most. This suggests to me that there is only one possible path for each and every person. Every choice I make, regardless how seemingly insignificant, is the only choice I would make. Not necessarily the only choice I could make, but because every choice is a means to some end, there is only one choice that I would make to achieve the end results that I desire.

I hear this kind of thing from Christians all the time where they believe god has protected them because they narrowly missed some bad occurrence. If you were driving home from work and just missed a fatal car accident on the highway by 30 seconds because an email arrived that you had to read at the office before leaving, by suggesting that god was protecting you, you also infer that he chose the other driver to be the victim. Most of them don’t think beyond themselves when making such a ridiculous statement.

Comment by Bud:          
June 5 2015

Hi – thanks for your comment.

Yes, the whole site is mine. The point of “choice” is extremely interesting. Some new theories discuss ‘Epiphenomenalism’, which is the view that mental events are caused by physical events in the brain, and later give me the “feeling of choice”. In computer terms, it says our mind/awareness/consciousness/soul (choose your favorite) is “read only”.

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