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Comment by mike:          
May 24 2008

For all you talk about logic, your arguement here is really lacking in it. The statement that if I, as a believer, would say that nothing would dissuade me from my faith means that my faith is blind and based on no evidence whatsoever is an utterly false arguement. Rather, I have seen enough evidence in my life, through miraculous answered prayers and through the amazing working of the Holy Spirit in my life that no amount of additional evidence is needed, and no new “evidence” could possibly sway me from the truth I have seen and experienced. An example illustrating the falseness of this arguement: let’s say you were walking down the street and you suddenly had severe abdominal pain so you go to the doctor. The doctor says , “What would it take to make you believe that there was no abdominal pain?” You say, “Nothing. I felt it. It was there.” Your doctor then says, “Then your request for treatment is based on no evidence whatsoever”. Just because you have not experienced Christ’s love and the power of the Holy Spirit in your life does not mean it does not exist. It simply means that you refuse to put your faith in Him and see it for yourself. I understand your doubts and the reasoning behind them. I am a scientist at heart, with a Master’s in science, and have heard all the arguements. There are answers to the tough questions, though they may not be what you want to hear. As C.S. Lewis said of Aslan in the Narnia series, “He’s not a tame lion.” God is not placed neatly in any box. He wouldn’t be much of a God if you could.

Comment by Bud:          
May 25 2008

You never have enough evidence, unless you’re talking about mathematics. In the real world, the scientific system dictates you may claim something, ONLY if you are able to state some potential evidence that may refute it.

If you are not able to do so (“no amount of additional evidence is needed”), then you put yourself in the world of mathematics, where things are either right ot wrong or unproved, but once proved to be right or wrong, they never change.

Subjective feelings are a totally different realm. By definition you can never prove your feelings to others. Furthermore, what you describe as “abdominal pain” may be a totally different feeling to another brain (if any other brain exists at all, as for all you know you only “feel” they exist). “I feel that X exists” is a claim that may not be proved. “X exists” is a claim that may be proved and later refuted, etc.

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