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Comment by Woody:          
March 6 2014

Hi Bud, again we hear of irrational solutions to a human problem. To me (and probably many others) the human element is clear and obvious. In addition to this all of the woo, the magic, the unseen and undetectable powers that are used instead of rational thinking, they are our creations too, from top to bottom the story reeks of humanity.
Twenty years ago I survived injuries that no-one expected me to, even the doctors thought I would die. It turned out that not only had my mother (a reiki master) used her ‘powers’ on the comatose me, but that through a religious friend, many churches full of sheep, I mean full of people, had prayed on mass for my health and soul.
It’s not that I don’t appreciate the intention or effort of all those people, they wanted me alive and well.
The problem is that they all conclude that their magical solution is what made the difference and kept me alive.
That in itself seems no harm to me either but it completely ignores and belittles the actions of the emergency and medical staff. The ambulance, the Royal Flying Doctor, the surgeons and rehabilitation staff (maybe with a dose of my own strong constitution).
All of the science, training and equipment is waved off with one lazy hand as the believers in magic tell of the magical success.
And what do I know? Maybe the combination of all of the love and well-wishes and ancient remedies played a part in my survival. Maybe it did, but I will not belittle the expertise and good work performed by the professionals. Medical science and hard working staff made a huge difference … whether people believe in them or not.
Thanks for reading.

Comment by Bud:          
March 28 2014

:) Just consider all these cases of mass praying that did NOT help… We usually don’t hear about them. In fact our brain works in such a way that combined with the “success” of our own private case – it’s really difficult to think rationally. And for that I thank your post.

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