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Comment by Billy:          
September 1 2012

Maths, and science, is man-made and biased to how he made it. God is above and beyond man and his inventions – I’m not talking about religion here, I’m talking about faith in God – no matter how much he tries to prove his theories. All theories are are ideas of what could be, then experiments – which are biased and are done exactly to prove said theories – portend to prove said theories are real. Yes I refer to the theory of the big bang and the so-called “missing link” theory.

While science is a man-made thing to try and answer questions, it cannot answer all questions. Even if theories and experiments are done by different people separately to “prove” that the results are universal and true, it still cannot answer everything, and because of the bias these separate experiments are still not the answers.

As a christian myself I do enjoy astronomy/cosmology, and I don’t want to sound like I, myself, am being biased here; I’m merely saying science is not the answer. I take both sides with an actual open mind, not the so-called open minds people think and say they have but really don’t.

Billy :-)

Comment by Bud:          
September 4 2012

Hi Billy – thanks for the comment.

Math and science is NOT man-made. It’s man-discovered. It’s also objective and unbiased BY DEFINITION. Also, a scientific “theory” is far from being an “assumption” – it’s something that has graduated that phase (e.g., the theory of gravity, or the theory of relativity).

If science could answer ALL questions, there would be no more science and no more research. Some of these questions may even be limited due to the capacity of our brain, and in those cases the problem lies with us, not with the questions or their answers. But whatever science does answer, it does so much better than any other discipline, including all religions combined.

It’s perfectly alright to have faith in whatever you choose, especially in things not covered (yet or forever) by science, as long as this faith does not contradict proven scientific knowledge :-)

Comment by Guest:          
May 13 2014

GOD, “is in all things”. But, have you ever seen a Spirit? Here is a rare playlist, that for the 1st time in recorded history, actually shows them in broad daylight;


Comment by Bud:          
May 14 2014

It reads “Unidentified”, not “Spirit”…

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